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Packed with bang loads of flavour, this is a great sauce and addition for all dishes.   Made with Capsicum prepared 3 ways and sherry vinegar (one of the secret ingredients), we recommend that you try it with everything, the sky is the limit!

Delicious with grilled fish, roast chicken and roasted vegetables. Stir through pasta or rice (for a 'paella' inspired dish) or enjoy with your eggs & toast. Traditionally made with Almonds, this nut-free version is fit for all.



Made with an abundance of flavour, this is your 'go to' when cooking. Versatile, ever adaptable and the perfect fix for throwing together a quick meal.


All our products are Gluten Free. All are free from added junk. That's no added fillers, preservatives, no artificial colours, no 'numbers', emulsifiers & no chemical agents.