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T Sisters

T Sister’s was born from us having a passion for food.
We come from 3 generations of foodies (Food lovers)
Having our grandfather originating from China, our parents from Malaysia and us being Australians, our flavours are a combination from all 3 countries.
You will see Felicia more as the face of the business whilst the other 2 sister’s work more behind the scenes.
Felicia started her career in Hairdressing, she loved her job as it was being creative and connecting with her clients. This passion has translated into the T Sister’s business. You will often find her working alongside her team and talking to her customers.

The business started out at our local Farmers Market back in 2014. Within the last few years, the business has grown from strength to strength. In 2016, our Bao’s have been Urban Listed as one of the best top ten in Perth, and the only pop up stall to be on the list.

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