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About Kenopy Marketing Pty Ltd

ABN:  96150288449

Address:   PO Box 385, Bull Creek, Western Australia 6149.  Tel:  +618 93678895.   Email:  info@kenopy.com.au

Kenopy Marketing Pty Ltd is established in Perth, Western Australia for the following:

  • Conduit for Brands in Australia, Hong Kong and China.
  • Marketing Services for Brands in Australia, China, and International
  • Experiential Marketing Services in Hong Kong and China
Key Initiatives:
  • Driving the International Brand development of Haier Group of Companies through International Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Retail Marketing in China, Europe and USA.
  • Developing Gateways for Australian Food Brands into China, including a turn key import/export solution with Sales and Marketing Platform in China and Hong Kong.