Everything's From Western Australia

About FromWA

We love everything West Australian!  From the pristine environment,  the beautiful community,  the diversity, and the richness of the land and the ocean.   

FromWA started because we want to share the creativity of West Australian producers and the quality of the products to the world.   The richness of flavour of our food,  the diversity of our creative talents are often hidden in the vastness of Western Australia.   

Our founders are Glenn Saberton and Kenneth Lim.   Glenn originated from Adelaide but could not resist the allure of Western Australia.  Kenneth Lim made Perth home after visiting from Singapore over 30 years ago.

So the quest is on...Glenn and Kenneth will drive all over Western Australia, camping in the outback,  and cooking under the stars....and of course,  looking for new products that can be shared with you!

Your feedback is most valued.  Do send us your thoughts at info@kenopy.com.au

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