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How did Omnomnom Food Truck Start?

Omnomnom Food Truck consists of 3 crazy guys who loved to eat...hence, had to cook to satisfy the dancing tastebuds.

Glenn Saberton, Josiah Peh and Kenneth Lim.  

Glenn's a qualified cook who's also a qualified helicopter pilot who's also a qualified plumber.

Josiah Peh is a qualified financial specialist, who's a qualified gaming specialist, who's a qualified stomach.

Kenneth Lim is qualified for nothing, who's a qualified generalist, who is a qualified romantic...always romanticising the past,  Kenneth has learnt to cook Singapore heritage food at home....from his mother, his friends mothers, and of course...youtube.

Omnomnom Food Truck started on 29 June 20 at the Farmers Market on Manning....in the midst of COVID...so all is not bad as we became the superheroes of homesick Singaporeans/malaysians who wanted a little bit of home.   We cook homestyle meals and snacks....menu is evolving and sometimes random...but we serve you what we put on my family's dining tables....


Photo:  Kenneth, Josiah, Happy Customer, Josiah